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The totality of the ecostone® concept is protected in all aspects by law. All the characteristics of this paving technique have been internationally patented. The name ecostone® and its logo have been registered as a trademark. Several designs of paving stones have been registered as Community designs and the concept is supported by different domain names.

The purpose of this publication is to generally illustrate the ecostone® concept; it cannot be seen as a manual or such. Figures, drawings, schemes and all other information are not technically binding nor contractual; every single project is specific and therefor has to be engineered according to the local specifications and requirements. ecostone® claims just horizontal stability for a pavement: vertical stability, aesthetical aspects etc. have to be studied separately. ecostone® disclaims all responsibility and liability for any damage which may occur when making use of this publication.

International commercialization of ecostone® is organized by the inventor Guy Van Camp, directly or indirectly by one of his companies.